Cathy Cassidy

Wednesday 19th September, 2018 at Toxteth Library, Windsor Street L8

When: Wednesday 19th September, 2018

Where: Toxteth Library, Windsor Street L8

This is an invitation only event for local schools

Cathy Cassidy is the bestselling children’s author of  the Chocolate Box Girls series, the Daizy Star series for younger children and many stand alone novels. Her books have been translated into 29 languages and are read all around the world. Cathy’s new Lost & Found series charts the adventures of a mismatched group of kids who accidentally find themselves in a band on track for fame and fortune… maybe! The first book in the series, Love From Lexie, explores the band’s beginnings from the viewpoint of Lexie, a looked after girl with a troubled past. In the second book of the series, Sami’s Silver Lining, refugee boy Sami takes up the story and shares some of his own journey too.

Cathy has had a variety of jobs in the past, ranging from waitress and petrol pump attendant to Fiction Editor of the legendary Jackie magazine, teen mag agony aunt, illustrator and travelling art teacher in rural Scottish schools, but writing is by far her favourite thing to do. Cathy enjoys talking to young readers and helping to inspire a love of reading, writing and creativity… and she may even be willing to share her daydreaming tips with you!