The Quality of Mersey

We are delighted to announce a special poetry event for the Smithdown Litfest 2019. Join us for readings from The Quality of Mersey, Liverpool’s new poetry anthology, created by 36 Merseyside poets. Our fantastic new venue for this event is the Crawford Avenue Community Garden, L18.

When: Sunday 15th September, 2019 – 2.00pm to 3.00pm

Where: Crawford Avenue Community Garden, L18

BOOK YOUR FREE TICKET FOR THIS EVENT. Although this event is free, you must book a ticket and bring it with you to attend

Liverpool is leading the way once again with its spoken word/written word poetry scene like it did back in the 1960s when the Mersey Sound Movement exploded and attracted so much attention.

From that era came poets Adrian Henri and Brian Patten who read their words out at The Everyman Theatre, a regular hangout for poets and playwrights. Comedy group The Scaffold was also formed here consisting of poet Roger McGough, Mike McGeer and John Gorman.

It was John Gorman, who still frequents the Merseyside poetry circuit, who initiated the idea of a new anthology that brings most of the new Merseyside voices together, and tracks the iconic river from source to mouth. It was read as a Liverpool’s longest continuous word-relay at Liverpool Central Library on National Poetry Day in 2018 to much applause.

The Quality of Mersey, the collection that details the cultural, spiritual and physical journey of the river from mouth to source, was curated from many submissions by Birkenhead poet Barry Woods.